who we are

We are a group of highly skilled professionals coming from different managerial and consultancy experiences. Our Senior Partners have always combined outstanding education and hands-on approaches in their professional lives: as CEOs and Board Members of Multinational Companies and as Presidents of National and International Associations.


Umberto Sampieri, Managing Director.
Umberto Sampieri was born on 9th, June 1959. He attended Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa where he graduated magna cum laude in 1982. He spent some years in international research and subsequently moved to industry in Olivetti during Carlo De Benedetti leadership. He developed his managerial know how in IMD, Lausanne. He went through several top management experiences (General Manager of System Electronics, Managing Director of Weidmuller in Italy, VP for business development of Weidmuller Holding AG, CEO of M.D. Micro Detectors SpA, Cistelaier, SpA, Synapto Srl, Executive Director of Iebert International SA) and served in top position in entrepreneurial associations (Vice President Assoautomazione, Vice President International Affairs, ANIE federation). He serves as member of the Panel of expert of the IMD World Competitiveness Year Book, Board Member of BlueBotics SA.  Founder of Masai Srl in 2010. His LinkedIn Profile here.

Roberto Maietti.
(Milan Italy 30 september 1955 – 15 november 2017). He graduated as electronics engineer in Politecnico, Milano in 1981. During the university years he was a sales agent in the food industry. After graduation he continued his scientific activity in Politecnico as contract professor. He started his industrial career in Landys & Gyr and after several experiences in different industries and managerial roles, he joined Omron, the Japanese industrial automation multinational, in 1987. He went through a brilliant career (General Manager Omron Italy and Turkey; European Sensor Business Unit Manager; European Sales Director; CEO and Chairman Omron Europe) and he has been the first European to be appointed as a member in the Japanese Corporate Board. Very active in several Associations he has been Vice-President of GISI (6 years) and than Vice-President (2 years) and President of AssoAutomazione (4 years) and now member of Probi Viri at ANIE (Electrical and Electronic Italian National Association). Since 2009 to June 2012 he served as Executive Director of Iebert International. Founder of Masai Srl in 2010.