internationalization processes

Evolving from being an export oriented company to become a truly international one is a big challenge.

It has to do with the intimate nature of the company itself, with its value system, with its governance. It increases complexity and requires new and different human resources. But it offers great opportunities: seizing growth options wherever they actually occur; sourcing at best term conditions; recruiting talented and motivated people; arbitrating risks on an international scale.

Finding the right balance between risks and opportunities taking into account also the dimensional constraints is the key to success. Sometime we suggest our customers to take a step back, rethinking their direct presence in specific market possibly replacing it with strategic alliances. Sometime we recommend to enter a single market by investing aggressively, but always keeping in mind the ultimate goal: to create value and not to add a flag to the map.


Case History

international fairs

Our client is a leading international trade fair that has asked us to support them in designing and implementing the Italian edition of an international exhibition.

We have done a careful job of “translation” and adaptation to the specific needs of the Italian market.

industrial electronics

Our client, an Italian SME, manufactures industrial electronic devices with a strong software component.

We have supported them updating the internationalization strategy and opening a new branch in Turkey, taking care of all the aspects, including staff selection.

luxury hotels

Our Spanish client, specialized in developing luxury hotels around the world, asked us to asses and propose development opportunities.

We conducted a thorough analysis of two tenders in Montenegro, and analysed a possible alliance to build a luxury spa in Tunisia.

mechanical components

Our client, an established and historic high-quality Italian mechanical company, asked us to support them in their internationalization process. We have suggested to target top class customer in one of he most demanding market, Germany, combining performance with a perfect service and a competitive price.