strategic alliances

We believe, supported by direct experiences, that strategic alliances may represent an extremely effective tool to achieve sustainable profitable growth, especially in today’s globalised world.

Certainly undertaking an alliance requires a substantial change of mindset, especially for firms where the entrepreneur still plays a fundamental role, and great attention to the soft factors involved in the interaction among the components of the two teams.

We have experience of successful alliances between competitors of different size, who succeeded in establishing long-term customer-supplier relationships. Or we supported start-ups that gave impetus to their growth via alliance with large corporations, without losing their identity as a company.


Case History


Our client is a Swiss high technology company that has developed a totally new navigation system.

We agreed on several market segments where to extend the offer especially through the implementation of strategic alliances.

renewable energy

Our client is an Italian engineering company that has invented and patented an innovative cooling and tracking system for floating photovoltaic parks.

We are developing for them a system of strategic alliances with leading international groups.