mergers and acquisitions

The reasons that lead to sell or to acquire a company are complex and delicate.

The due diligence, contracts, tax implications on businesses and individuals are certainly important issues that our team is able to tackle directly or to coordinate. But above all, we believe that our contribution is more significant in clarifying the value creation that will result from the subsequent integration. It is there that the strong motivation hides, supporting evaluations that apparently escapes the cold law of multipliers. Only when the buyer is able to generate new value that cannot be created by the seller, there are the prerequisites for a successful transaction.

Be creative in selecting the target can be the keystone.


Case History

automatic machines

Our client is a multinational group of leader in several market segments and asked us to assist them in evaluating a possible divestment of a group company operating in an industry no longer considered strategic.

We have presented the opportunity both to established Western realities and to BRIC ones, characterized by a strong propensity to growth. The negotiations led us to suggest that it was more appropriate to proceed first to a company restructuring and enhancement. The company is still within the scope of our client.

industrial components

The client is an international group which intends to further consolidate its presence in the Japanese market both in commercial and technological terms.

For them we have carried out a systematic scouting activity in preparation of an acquisition as soon as the general conditions will suggest it.